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Rescue Officer: Jane Armatys

An important part of the Club's work is the rescue and rehoming of both Rough and Smooth Collies. Individuals, pounds and rehoming organisations (such as the RSPCA) can contact the club if they have a Collie that needs help.

Rescues come about for many reasons - divorce and neither party able to take the dog, owner has died or gone into a nursing home, owners have moved into a unit and unable to take the dog or through cruelty and neglect. Depending on the circumstances I may be able to place the dog straight into a new home, sometimes the dog may go into one of my foster homes or if it is a long term rehabilitation I usually have them here in my home.

I keep a list of people wanting a rescue dog and their relevant details - such as other pets, their age, children, secure fencing, inside or outside dog, rural or city and if someone is home all day. There are many things to be considered when placing a rescue who will probably be quite traumatised by the move. The last we need is to place a dog for example that kills chooks in a rural situation. By matching the dogs to a similar situation that they have been happy in (for example with children) increases the chance of the dog settling quickly.

There still need to be a lot of understanding and patience from the new owners as the dog will not know what you want. I want to place them in a special home for the rest of their life which is what every Collie deserves, not just place them to the first available person and have them come back because something was not suitable.

Over the 18 years I have been doing Collie Rescue in Queenland (and 20 in Tasmania before that) I have met some wonderful, kind people who have adopted these rescues and I am sure this will continue.

Jane Armatys

Collie Rough and Smooth Club of Queensland Inc

Rescue Officer


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