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The Collie Rough and Smooth Club of Queensland Inc is affiliated with Dogs Queensland. 

Our club relies on dedicated members so that we can continue to promote Collies and participate in conversations regarding the breed at a national level. As a member you can provide your input on a variety of matters and bring ideas to the table as well as participate in the fun events we host. We value the perspective of everyone be it pet owners or breeders. 

Membership fees:

Single - $10

Joint - $15

Junior - $5

Membership renewals are due by the 31st of October each year. New and returning members may join at anytime.

How to join: About


By joining the Collie Rough & Smooth Club of QLD Inc. members are agreeing to our constitution. You may read our constitution by downloading the file attached below.


Please download the membership form from below and email it to Nikki once completed with your details -


Use the link below to apply for or renew your membership online via Show Manager.

How to join: Files
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