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You know those car rallies where you need to find your way from point to point? Now cross that idea with obedience movements and you have the sport of rally. It’s also known as obedience’s younger, less strict sibling.

Rally is a course of between 10 and 24 signs, depending on the level, where your dog heels on the left between each sign, but it’s not as strict as obedience so the “heel” position is more fluid. Unlike traditional obedience you can talk to, encourage, and pat your dog as you continue through the stations in rally.

Rally has four levels – novice, advanced, excellent, and masters. This sport is open to all breeds and crosses so long as they and the owner are registered with their state body (e.g. Dogs Qld, Dogs Vic etc.) and is a great into for pets into the world of dog sport. It’s also quite easy on the body and sedate, so most dogs can compete, even with many (not all) physical ailments.

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"The objective of Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational sport for both Handler and dog that demonstrates competency in basic Obedience exercises without the precision of the formal Obedience Classes. Dogs in Rally events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment. " 
 - Rally rule book 2021

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