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Collie are are herding breed and so this sport/work is what they were originally designed for. If your Collie is herding other dogs or stalking birds this would be a great and healthy outlet for those behaviours. Often the dog knows roughly what to do and it is the handler who must learn how to read stock, read their dog and have control. It takes experience and time to learn this but in the process a strong bond is formed between dog and handler. Most importantly of all - it's a lot of fun! Herding ability is also an important trait to preserve in our herding breeds.

ANKC Herding Rules

Where to Learn


The Continental Herding Club Inc - Postmans Ridge, Toowoomba

Sheep Herding For City Dogs - Peachester, Sunshine Coast


Agilepaws Goes Quackers - Boyland, Gold Coast

Where to Trial

Before entering a test or trial dogs must have had prior exposure/training on the relevant livestock. Trialing dates will be advertised in the groups linked below, on Show Manager and in Dog World Magazine.

Sheep: The Continental Herding Club Inc - Postmans Ridge, Toowoomba

Ducks: Queensland Herding Association - Durack, Brisbane

Herding: Females

Many herding dogs have working styles very different to the modern sheep dogs we see in Australia today. These different herding styles developed in response to local situations and needs. As the breeding, pedigree recording, and exhibition of these dogs progressed, many have been accepted as pure breeds. Herding instinct is a precious part of a herding breed’s heritage. It is also a vital component that can be easily lost when breeding for exhibition in the show ring. The ANKC Ltd Herding Program is designed to preserve the traditional style and herding instincts of these many breeds. Herding Tests and Trials provide standardised gauges by which a dog’s basic instinct and ability can be measured, and allow dogs to demonstrate the useful functions for which they were originally developed by the use of differing Trial courses.

- ANKC Herding Trial Rules (2018)

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Herding: Pro Gallery
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