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Traditionally a sport for sighthounds, in Australia any other breed or associate registered dog can now compete in the Coursing Ability Test (CAT) stream. Collies who love to chase and herd generally do very well. Lure coursing is a fun sport for active, healthy dogs. In ANKC lure coursing dogs chase a plastic bag around a course which is 650-900m long. They are scored on endurance, follow, speed, agility and enthusiasm.

Click here for ANKC Lure Coursing Rules

Where to Train

At some lure coursing trials novice runs are on offer - these are shorter runs that you can enter to see how your dog does.

From there you may then like to join a club for access to member training days.

Brisbane Lure Coursing Club - Durack

Where to Trial

Information on upcoming ANKC trials can be found in Dog World Magazine. Entries are typically on Show Manager. Events are held/hosted by the following clubs:

Brisbane Lure Coursing Club - Durack

Queensland Sighthound Association - Durack or Toowoomba

Lure Coursing: Females

"Lure Coursing is a test of the dog’s ability to work by sight without showing signs of undue stress or lack of fitness. It tests the dog’s instinct, physical structure and temperament. Judges assess performance by observing the dog’s agility, enthusiasm, endurance, speed and follow through the course. The sport is a test of the physical capabilities of the dog. The sport is not a test of scenting ability or trainability."

- ANKC Lure Coursing Rules (2020)

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Lure Coursing: Pro Gallery
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