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Obedience trials came about due to early trainers efforts to show that there were options other than the show ring & hunting to display a dog/human partnership. Today’s obedience competitions begin with exercises that show the dog’s good manners – walking on a leash at the owner’s side, standing to be touched by a stranger, sitting and lying down with distractions in a group, and coming when called. The more advanced classes prove the owner’s ability to train the dog to be more versatile: including obeying commands from a distance, walking without a lead at the owner’s side, fetching a dumbbell, jumping different obstacles, obeying commands in an instant whether given by hand signal or voice, leaving the handler to go sit in a designated spot, speaking on command, and finding items touched by the owner. The aim is to create a partnership between handler and dog, where the dog enjoys the work & is happy to join in.

ANKC Obedience Rules

Where to Learn

If you are interested in training and trialling in ANKC obedience, it is important that you attend an obedience club affiliated with Dogs Queensland so that you are mentored by people who are familiar with the rules and requirements of ANKC obedience. 

North Queensland

Canine Obedience Club of Townsville - Heatley, Townsville 

Cairns City Kennel Club - Parramatta Park, Cairns

DogzCairns - Smithfield, Cairns

Tableland Dog Obedience Club - Atherton, Tablelands

Central Queensland

Magpies Mackay and District Obedience Club - Glenella, Mackay

Rockhampton Dog Obedience Club - Frenchville, Rockhampton

South-East Queensland

Jimboomba Dog Training Club - Jimboomba, Brisbane

Southside Dog Obedience Club - Runcorn, Brisbane

Where to Trial

Trialing dates will be advertised on the Dogs Queensland website. Entries are via Show Manager or K9 Entries

Obedience: Females

Many herding dogs have working styles very different to the modern sheep dogs we see in Australia today. These different herding styles developed in response to local situations and needs. As the breeding, pedigree recording, and exhibition of these dogs progressed, many have been accepted as pure breeds. Herding instinct is a precious part of a herding breed’s heritage. It is also a vital component that can be easily lost when breeding for exhibition in the show ring. The ANKC Ltd Herding Program is designed to preserve the traditional style and herding instincts of these many breeds. Herding Tests and Trials provide standardised gauges by which a dog’s basic instinct and ability can be measured, and allow dogs to demonstrate the useful functions for which they were originally developed by the use of differing Trial courses.

- ANKC Herding Trial Rules (2018)

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Obedience: Pro Gallery
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